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T5W: #OwnVoices Books That Aren’t Set in the Western World

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We are officially half-way through the week, thank goodness! This week has been trudging on by very slowly for me, so I am ready for the weekend to arrive. For today’s post, I decided to go ahead and partake in the Top 5 Wednesday meme, for which today’s topic is about books…… Continue reading T5W: #OwnVoices Books That Aren’t Set in the Western World

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An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – A Book Review

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir arrived in my mailbox last year, but I always felt hesitant with picking it up due to the hype surrounding it. In my experience, when a book (or anything really), has a huge boom in popularity, I tend to stray away from it becuse I don’t want…… Continue reading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – A Book Review

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Lost Boy by Christina Henry – A Book Review & Author Interview!

Last year, I picked up a novel entitled Alice written by Christina Henry. It is a very dark re-imagining of the Alice in Wonderland story that was originally written by Lewis Carroll, and it ended up becoming one of my most-loved adult fantasy titles. I read its sequel, Red Queen, and knew that I had…… Continue reading Lost Boy by Christina Henry – A Book Review & Author Interview!

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June Reading Wrap-Up!

June wasn’t too bad of a reading month for me. I’m quite pleased that most of the books that I’ve read during this month were #OwnVoices diverse books, and almost all of those were Islamic books written by Muslima authors. There was also a bit of variety with my genres ranging from poetry to action…… Continue reading June Reading Wrap-Up!

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The Ruler of the Books – Book Tag

Good Morning book dragons! I was tagged by James @ This Is My Truth Now to do this tag, which was really fun to do. Please stop by James’ site and check him out. He writes very intellectual and interesting reviews; you won’t be disappointed. 🙂 #1: What book would you make everyone read? Norwegian…… Continue reading The Ruler of the Books – Book Tag

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Summer 2017 Anime Preview

The Summer Anime season is just around the corner with shows starting up in less than a month. When I was asked about this impending season’s shows and what I was planning on watching, I had realised that I had absolutely no bloody idea what there was to watch! So, I sat down and flipped…… Continue reading Summer 2017 Anime Preview

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Spring Anime Mid-Season Musings

Okay, so technically the mid-season mark was about three weeks ago and that’s when this post should’ve gone up. But to be blunt, I fell behind with the season’s shows due to sheer laziness and impatience. The lazy part is silly and kind of ridiculous, but the impatience, I believe, is a legitimate excuse. Sometimes…… Continue reading Spring Anime Mid-Season Musings