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May Madness BookTube Announcement!

Bula, bookdragons! I would like to announce that starting on May 1st I will be creating and uploading one BookTube  video every single day for the entire month of May! This is the Video-A-Day challenge that I’ve noticed has been going around on YouTube with a few channels, so I decided to give it a…… Continue reading May Madness BookTube Announcement!

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BiblioNyan Talks Diversity on BookTube!

Good evening, friends! I’m sorry that I’ve been rather MiA this past week here on BiblioNyan. To be perfectly honest with you all, I have not been handling the political upheaval with much grace at all. I have Muslim friends around the country, not to mention family as well, who are all suffering in lieu…… Continue reading BiblioNyan Talks Diversity on BookTube!

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Biblio Upgrade 2.0 – Becoming a Better Blogger!

Good morning, friends. Today, I wanted to talk to you about my blog, the difficulties that I’ve faced and am still facing, and how I want to overcome these hardships so that I can be a much better writer and content creator for everyone. This might become TL;DR, but it would mean the world to…… Continue reading Biblio Upgrade 2.0 – Becoming a Better Blogger!