12 Amazing Anime Serials & Films that Originated from Japanese Novels!

I gathered a list of twelve anime that I have discovered many people don’t realise came from books. My information is based on the many conversations I have had with fellow otaku both online and in-real-life, both friends and (mostly) strangers alike. Chock this up as a post inspired by a lengthy observation of the community. For these titles, I’m proud to say that I have actually read almost all of the novels from the list and seen almost as many of the adaptations.

5 Awesome Reasons You Should Play the Horror Puzzle-Platformer, Little Nightmares

Content Warning: Disturbing imagery Little Nightmares is a horror action-adventure puzzle platformer that was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2017. This single-player game follows a little girl that is dressed up in a yellow raincoat. We quickly learn that she’s trapped in a place referred to as the Maw, which is a mysterious ship…