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The Trench by Steve Alten – A Book Review

The Trench by Steve Alten is the sequel novel to Meg, which is a science-fiction thriller novel about the megalodon (i.e.: ancient, supposedly extinct, Super Saiyan shark the size of Vegeta’s pride). The book takes place four years after the events of Meg. I’m not going to provide a synopsis because I don’t want to…… Continue reading The Trench by Steve Alten – A Book Review

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Diversity Spotlight Thursday #4: Chinese Edition!

Good morning, biblio-dragons! Welcome back to another week of sharing fantastic diverse literature! The meme was created by the wonderful Aimal Farooq over at Bookshelves & Paperbacks in an effort to feature more diverse authors and books within the bookworm community! If you are interested in checking out this fun diversity party, just click the…… Continue reading Diversity Spotlight Thursday #4: Chinese Edition!

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February’s Massive Diverse Book Haul

Once again I’ve fallen victim to fabulously irresistible book deals that have lured me into their traps! As such, I have a diverse book haul that consists of approximately 35 books!! On one hand, I’m extremely proud of myself for being able to discover so many awesome diverse titles. On the other hand, I’m kicking…… Continue reading February’s Massive Diverse Book Haul

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Siberia 56 by Christophe Bec – A Comic Review

Siberia 56, written by Christophe Bec and published by Insight Comics, is a graphic novel about a small group of scientists that get stranded on a planet with sub-zero temperatures. The crew was supposed to land at a designated research base, but due to malfunctions in their ship, they crash-land approximately 150 miles from their…… Continue reading Siberia 56 by Christophe Bec – A Comic Review

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The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie – A Book Review

β€œNo matter who I am or where I go, there’s nothing that can strip away the way the sea takes my heart. It’s the one constant that keeps me grounded as my life has been pulled up by the roots and turned inside out over the past months. Every time I look over the ocean,…… Continue reading The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie – A Book Review