Films & TV Shows that I Watched in April 2021

I have been watching more and more stuff with each passing month. In many ways, this is quite excellent because it means that I’m definitely getting my money’s worth out of all the bloody streaming services I’m subscribed to. On the other hand, it further highlights my excessive lack of having a life. But when you’re anti-social, agoraphobic and stuck inside due to a global pandemic, what is a human to do? I sure as hell ain’t complaining, that’s for sure!

Films & TV Shows that I Watched in March 2021

I watched thirteen films and about eight seasons of TV shows, most of which while I was doing other things like Uni studies and blog work. I prefer to multitask as it helps my brain focus the best. There’s a good mixture of dramas and suspense titles in the mix here and I would even recommend the vast majority of the media I consumed; another indicator of a fun cinema-fuelled month.

March’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy Cinema Boxed Set Haul

My Self-Care Cinema Loot, as it’s been randomly deemed thanks to my nephews, consists of four TV boxed sets that I’ve been eyeing for the better part of three years and one film trilogy that I hadn’t realised had hit shelves in a single set. Most of these are mementos from my childhood and because of that they are so supremely cheesy, which, honestly speaking, is what makes them so bloody brilliant in terms of enjoyment

Films & TV Shows that I Watched in February 2021

February was definitely a month of films for me. I ended up watching about fifteen of them! This surprises me a little bit because my ADHD tends to make it impossible for me to sit through anything longer than an hour. Because of that, TV shows and anime are the best forms of entertainment for my consumption (aside from video games, of course). So, when I sat down and went through the list of all the stuff I watched last month, I was coloured with astonishment and a mild feeling of being impressed with myself.

Films & TV Shows that I Watched in January 2021

Recently, I started keeping track of the TV serials and films that I have been watching. Since my watchlists across all my streaming platforms have grown into a digital version of Plant 42, I figured that by keeping track of what I consume, I can trim these lists down. Plus, it’s also a great way of creating a reference of what I enjoyed and what I didn’t. I’m not sure if any of y’all would be interested in my entertainment indulgences, but I figured I could share it here and see how it fares.

Sex & Rape in Netflix’s Bridgerton – A Discussion

This entire scene and situation was so triggering to watch for many reasons and no content warnings are provided for it, which was an ever bigger astonishment and source of outrage. The fact that he lied to her about his intentions is a humongous betrayal, but the even bigger issue here is that Daphne basically rapes her husband to prove a point and so few people are talking about it.