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February’s Massive Diverse Book Haul

Once again I’ve fallen victim to fabulously irresistible book deals that have lured me into their traps! As such, I have a diverse book haul that consists of approximately 35 books!! On one hand, I’m extremely proud of myself for being able to discover so many awesome diverse titles. On the other hand, I’m kicking…… Continue reading February’s Massive Diverse Book Haul

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The Little Mermaid by Metaphrog – A Comic Review

The Little Mermaid by Metaphrog is a stand-alone, middle-grade, fantasy graphic novel that tells an illustrated tale based off of Hans Christian Andersen’s short story of a young mermaid who’s passionate about living in the world above the ocean, and on land. I was a little sceptical going into the novel because most illustrated renditions…… Continue reading The Little Mermaid by Metaphrog – A Comic Review

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Slaughtering a Reading Slump

Recently, I’ve found myself locked in a powerful and irritating battle with the Slump Monster. This has been so aggravating for multiple reasons, but the most prevalent of those reasons are all the really cool books that I’ve bought over the course of this past month! Paroozing through bookstores and online bookish shelves has allotted…… Continue reading Slaughtering a Reading Slump

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Pachinko by Min Jin Lee – A Book Review

Pachinko is one of those books that sticks with you even after you’ve finished it. There’s this lingering feeling in your gut that you can’t shake as you ponder all of the wonderful, and sometimes intense, thoughts that are left in its wake. Min Jin Lee accomplishes a fantastic feat with her novel and I…… Continue reading Pachinko by Min Jin Lee – A Book Review