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The Silver Guardian – First Impressions

The Silver Guardian (Gin no Guardian; Yín Zhī Shǒu Mù Rén) was originally a Chinese manhua that’s being adapted in to a Chinese-Japanese anime, produced by the studio Emon and directed by Masahiko Ohkura (Road to Naruto: The Movie). It’s a short-form, fantasy series about a guy named Suigin who is an over-powered character that’s…… Continue reading The Silver Guardian – First Impressions

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as the moon, so beautiful – First Impressions

as the Moon, so beautiful (Tsuki ga Kirei) is an original romance anime that’s produced by feel. Animation Studio and being directed by Seiji Kishi (Kamisama Dolls, Assassination Classroom). The story revolves around middle-schoolers Kotaro, a bookish boy who aspires to become an author, and Akane, a track girl who really enjoys running. They meet…… Continue reading as the moon, so beautiful – First Impressions

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Weekend Reads #1: Comics & Light Novels

Recently, I’ve noticed posts going around the bookish community that are short snippets of what people plan on reading over the weekend, and into the following week. It looked like a fun way to share current reads and in-the-moment biblio-experiences, so I figured I’d give it a shot! My allergies have been making reading absolutely…… Continue reading Weekend Reads #1: Comics & Light Novels

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Diversity Spotlight Thursday #5: Queer Edition!

Good morning, biblio-dragons! Welcome back to another week of sharing fantastic diverse literature! The meme was created by the wonderful Aimal Farooq over at Bookshelves & Paperbacks in an effort to feature more diverse authors and books within the bookworm community! If you are interested in checking out this fun diversity party, just click the…… Continue reading Diversity Spotlight Thursday #5: Queer Edition!

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KADO: The Right Answer – First Impressions

KADO: The Right Answer (Seikaisuru Kado) is an original anime series brought to us by the studio of Toei Animation (Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon Crystal). It’s a science-fiction-fantasy series that looks to be quite promising! One beautiful day, flight 252 is about to take off from Haneda International Airport, when a mysterious cube appears…… Continue reading KADO: The Right Answer – First Impressions

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Natsume’s Book of Friends, Season 6 – First Impressions

Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yuujinchou Roku) Season 6 is my most-anticipated anime for the season! It was originally a fantasy, supernatural manga series created by Yuki Midorikawa, which was published by Hakusensha (Viz Media for English speakers), and was then adapted into an anime in July 2008 by studios Brain’s Base and Shuka. I…… Continue reading Natsume’s Book of Friends, Season 6 – First Impressions

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The Royal Tutor – First Impressions

The Royal Tutor was originally a manga published by Square Enix and serialised in Monthly G Fantasy in Japan. The studio behind the animation is Bridge Studio. The story revolves around a short, highly intelligent man named Heine, who has been given the post of Royal Tutor to four princes. The princes have been adamantly…… Continue reading The Royal Tutor – First Impressions