BookTube & Socials!

Hey all! On this nifty little page, you’ll find the different ways to connect with me, as well as a link to my BookTube channel (down below). ♥ I’m a bit obsessed with GoodReads, but I check everything else daily!

Twitter – Bookish
Twitter – Otaku
My Anime List

Hey all! I also run a YouTube channel, called BiblioNyan, where I focus on chatting about Japanese literature, science-ficion & fantasy, and lots of otaku content as well. I do rant and rave about titles and genres outside of this spectrum, but those four things are the main topics discussed. Content on my YouTube channel, most of the time, is exclusive to the channel and won’t be found on my blog here. Please check out my channel by clicking this bold  link!

Thank you! Happy reading to all! ♥


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