Anime Recommendations: 5 Reasons to Watch Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt is a shōjo, supernatural mystery series about a group of psychic researchers that investigate paranormal incidents and try to resolve them where they can. This title had been on my watchlist for an embarrassingly long time, and when I started craving a good mystery, ghostly series, I picked this up. It ended up being quite glorious!

Cowboy Bebop & Being Ahead of Its Time, Then and Now – Anime Review

Nineteen years ago, during the year 1998, a Space Western anime was released by the name of Cowboy Bebop, an anime that would go on to become one of the finest pieces of animation ever made. Adapted and completely redesigned from its manga counterpart, with direction by Shinichirō Watanabe, this 26-episode long, seinen neo-noir anime series would continue to astound fans of the medium for decades to come.

The Earl and the Fairy: An Adorably Simple Fantasy Shōjo Series – Anime 1st Impressions

The Early and the Fairy (伯爵と妖精) follows a fairy doctor, Lydia, residing in Ireland, whose sole occupation is helping fairies in need, alongside her bow-tie wearing, whisky-drinking feline friend, Nico. One day as she gets ready to help a client that is seemingly an old friend of her father’s, Lydia ends up tumbling into a mysterious yet devilishly handsome young man that sweeps her off her feet

Desperately Seeking Anime Recommendations

Yo, chums. I hope this post finds you well. It’s been over a month since my last interaction here on BiblioNyan, so much so that it feels rather strange putting this thing together right now. But I’m not here to give any updates today, at least not in the ways you’d expect. I have a full detailed life and blog update hitting this space on Monday. Today, I’m here seeking your assistance.

Domestic Girlfriend: First Impressions – The Complexities of Interpersonal Relationships via Adolescent Romping (Winter 2019)

Domestic Girlfriend (ドメスティックな彼女) is a shōnen, romance anime series that is an adaptation of the manga written by Kei Sasuga. When I read the premise for this show (I haven’t read the manga), I was intrigued by it, while simultaneously having some very low expectations. I felt it would either be an exploration of interpersonal…

Top 5 Popular Shōnen Characters I Don’t Like

Today I wanted to briefly chat about popular shōnen characters that I really don’t like. I have been hesitant in sharing this list because I didn’t want to get bombarded with hate, but then I realised that these are just my own, personal opinions and in no way, shape, or form reflect the masses. I…

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 1: First Impressions – Onigiri Abs, Oh My!

Kuroko’s Basketball (黒子のバスケ) is the anime adaptation of the shōnen, sports (basketball) manga written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. Season one originally aired during the 2012 spring season with 25 total episodes. The series was produced by Production I.G. and directed by Shunsuke Tada. I remember catching the first two seasons why they were simulcasting, but halfway through…