Mid-Season Musings: Winter 2021 Anime Simulcasts

With this week, we shall be reaching (and in some cases surpassing) the halfway mark for most of the Winter 2021 anime simulcast season. I thought it would be neat to briefly chat about my overall musings for the stack of serials that I’ve currently got my hands in (well, that doesn’t sound naughty at all…). Luckily, most of my watchings have been bitchin’ awesome with only a couple of sour mangoes in the bunch.

Holmes of Kyoto: First Impressions – Japanese History via the Lens of Ancient Antiques (Summer Anime 2018)

Holmes of Kyoto (京都寺町三条のホームズ) is an anime adaptation of the original seinen, fantasy light novel series written by Mai Mochizuki with illustrations from Yamōchishizu. It is being produced by studio Seven and directed by Noriyoshi Sasaki. This is one of the serials that I had been anticipating for the season due to its unique premise…