Fall 2021 & Winter 2022 Anime Watching Wrap-Up!

Sometimes when life becomes overwhelming, I like to take comfort in watching horror shows and movies, as well as my favourite feel-good titles, which is precisely what my humble anime watching wrap-up for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 entails. While I was not able to see as many serials as I would have liked, what I did indulge in helped me to make it through these tough seasons and for me that means it was a fantastic couple of seasons of watching the things.

Nyan’s Winter 2021 Anime Watching Wrap-Up!

Initially I didn’t feel like I had watched very many things at all during the last three to four months. However, when I sat down and wrote them all out, I was pleasantly surprised with myself! I suppose all that post-op bed-resting did me quite a bit of good with regards to chopping down the leaning tower of unwatched anime titles. With the exception of two to three titles, the rest were all fresh new experiences, most of which were rather awesome all around.

October’s Bitchin’ Awesome Anime Watching Wrap-Up

October was such a fabulous month of anime-RE-watching shenanigans. With the exception of two titles, I gave everything on this list an eight or higher. I’m not someone who gives out eights, nines, and especially tens that easily. So, when I do discover (or re-discover, in this case) anime that blow my fucking mind where I least expect them to, those higher numbers come dancing out, along with an irrepressible yearning to add it to my collection.

Summer Anime Watching Wrap-Up (June to September)

Summer was an interesting season of anime watching for me. While I didn’t get through all of my initial watchlist, I did finish a lot of long-term projects that I had been picking at, most of which were re-watches. In that sense, I actually feel really accomplished with what I completed. Having the opportunity to re-visit old favourites with renewed perspective while dabbling in some unfamiliar titles gave me a refreshing season of entertainment, along with a couple new serials to add to my favourites stack.

March & April Anime Watching Wrap-Up!

March and April were months that I spent finishing off some Winter simulcast stuff more than anything else. I did watch a kick-ass classic film that I loved and shall be reviewing later on in the month, however, so there’s that at least. My goal is to have a much more productive anime watching experience…

August & September Anime Watching Wrap-Up (2019)

These past couple of months were excellent anime months for me. All the titles consumed were quite pleasant in one way or another, and I also watched the most anime in a two-month period during August and September than I have in all of 2019. Both of those things make me feel really comforted and…

March & April Anime Watching Wrap-Up! (2019)

March and April were low-key months for me with anime as I only finished three serials, two of which were from the Winter 2019 simulcast season. My brain has been pre-occupied with other projects and I’ve also been dealing with family and friend things that have sprouted up out of nowhere. While I’m a bit…

January & February Anime Watching Wrap-Up! (2019)

Welcome to my first ever bimonthly anime wrap-up! My watchlist has been multiplying like tribbles, so my goal is to take a more proactive approach towards watching anime in 2019. Doing wrap-ups should be a good motivator for me, at least that is what I have been telling myself. I hope it shall work to…