Spring Anime Watchlist: Retro Anime from the 80s & 90s

This spring season has brought about quite the beastly sense of nostalgia for me. I am honestly not sure if I’m feeling a tad bit more emotional due to recent personal growth, if it’s my atrocious allergies constantly trying to get me to sneeze my little brown head off, or if I’m merely getting old. Whatever the motives, I have been craving the aesthetics and storytelling beauty of retro—dare I even say vintage—anime serials

Berserk Deluxe Edition Manga Preview

One of the best additions that I have made this year to my manga collection is the deluxe edition of the infamous seinen series, Berserk by Kentarō Miura. When I saw that this manga was being re-released in stunning leather-bound editions, I knew immediately that I had to pre-order them as soon as they became…