Islam & the Daevabad Trilogy: 3 Complex Lessons on the Nuances of Faith & Individuality

Fantasy is a genre that pushes the confines of comfort zones to show us the dynamic differences in our idealism, political preferences, and even the various ways that communities partake in religion or choose to forsake it entirely. Out of the myriad of reasons that I adore The Daevabad books by S.A. Chakraborty, this is the element that I appreciate the most: the lessons on what faith means on a deeply personal level.

The UN-Appeal of Hyped Books – A Discussion

Today, I wanted to chat with you briefly about hyped books and why hype will almost guarantee that I will never pick up that book. After reading Nandini’s post, about the current titles circulating around Bookstagram and Tumblr, I was inspired to write this post. My brain sort of had an “AHA” moment and I…