Peril on the Page by Margaret Loudon: A Vanilla Cosy Mystery with an Ice-Cold Romance – Book Review

Peril on the Page by Margaret Loudon is the third book in the author’s cosy mystery series, Open-Book Mysteries. Writer-in-residence, Penelope, is co-hosting a marketing event at the Open-Book, along with the owner, to celebrate a local resident’s book release. However, when the author drops dead at the event, Penelope becomes determined to discover the secrets of the author’s life and how it may have gotten her nixed.

Caturday Reads: Spooktober Edition 🎃💀

Welcome to my über belated Caturday Reads! This is going to be my reading list for all of October. Bookish goals for the month include a couple cosy mysteries, some sci-fi horror, dark fantasy horror, urban fantasy horror, and horror suspense including Japanese horror!

Sleight of Paw by Sofie Kelly: Sleuthing Shenanigans with Magically Sassy Kitties – Book Review

Sleight of Paw by Sofie Kelly follows small town librarian, Kathleen Paulson, and her two very special kitties, Hercules and Owen. When she realised that her feline friends had magical abilities, Kathleen thought for certain that she was turning into a “crazy” cat lady. But when they helped prove her innocence in a murder, she knew that her adopted companions were something to be cherished

Caturday Reads: Sci-Fi Horror, Dark Fantasy, & Batman Comics

This weekend, I’m continuing my comfort reading of one of my favourite dark fantasy, sword and sorcery serials of all-time and I’m also hoping to dive into a genre that I’ve been craving for the better part of two weeks, sci-fi horror! Additionally, I’ve got a decent stack of comics to entertain me if my ADHD with novels gets to be a bit much, of which I shared my most-anticipated pick.

18 Best Books of March & April 2021

March and April were about average reading months for me. I spent most of my time reading through manga because my ability to focus on novels have been quite moody. Nonetheless, I found some great graphic novels to enjoy that helped me to stay in the reading groove for the most part, which I’m grateful for. Towards the end of April, I finally found my out of the rut pit and was able to read a few fantasy novels.