Mid-Morning Musings: Processing Loss & the Poisonous Nature of Hate

On Wednesday, July 21st, I received news that my uncle had passed away. We weren’t blood relatives. He was my mum’s neighbour in Fiji when they were kids and also her best friend from childhood, one of the few that she had. As long as I can remember, he’s always been a strong and positive presence in my life. From my own childhood, I have always loved, respected, and perceived him as a second father to me. When I received news of his death, I felt nothing but shock and disbelief.

Mid-Morning Musings: A Mid-Summer Thank You

I sit upon the polished hardwood floors with my legs crossed and my eyes wide open, gazing upon the season as she takes flight. The blue skies and wisps of clouds, where I wish you’ve finally found peace, reach out to me with their vibrancy. Inhaling deeply, I breathe in the freshness of what’s to…