Boo, Bitches! Did You Miss Me? 👻 Where the Hell I’ve Been & Why I’ve Been Gone

Today, I wanted to have a very candid and brutally honest chat about what happened to cause me to disappear in such a fashion. Before I jump in, I want to offer some content warnings. I curse a lot (of course). There will be detailed discussion of depression, mention of suicide ideation (includes descriptions of different ways to commit suicide), mention of getting buried (metaphorically), and discussion of agonising grief. Lastly, this may get a bit prattley as I am writing it on the fly in full genuine glory.

Mid-Morning Musings: A Ghost of Remembrance

Good morning, dragons~ I have been having a really difficult time battling depression lately. It has been kicking my ass to Mars and back. One of the things that happen when my Depression kicks up include the worst nightmares ever. Tonight, when I could sleep no longer, I decided to go on a small drive…