Caturday Reads: Japanese Steampunk & Eberron’s Sword & Sorcery

There are two books on my weekend reading itinerary. One of them is a Japanese steampunk novel that has been on my TBR for over a year. My local library had a copy, so I snagged it the last time that I was here. The second book is the first novel in one of my favourite sword and sorcery trilogies of all-time, a trilogy that I love to read and re-read, especially when I’m having a difficult time dealing with real-life challenges

Top 5 Favourite Eberron Novels

The Eberron® universe is my favourite of all the fantasy universes there are (Forgotten Realms®, Dragonlance®, Warhammer®). It is dark and gritty, and has some unique twists on classic fantasy monsters, such as Dragons, Elves, and Dark Elves. I am lucky enough to own every Eberron® novel that has been released, and today I wanted…