March & April’s Insomnia-Fuelled Book Haul

One of my really bad habits when I’m supremely stressed out is shopping, specifically book shopping. I tend to go to the library to help me with this compulsive behaviour, however, I now work every single day during the same exact hours that the Libs is open for business, which has taken away my ability to healthily treat my stress shopping habits. So… when insomnia has stricken over the last month or so, I have ventured into the dark and tempting territories of the Amazon Kindle eBook store.

May’s Excellent E-Book Haul!

Okay, I am so ready for the local libraries to open up their doors soon. As someone who tends to be a stress shopper, my Kindle library has been growing like a weed on steroids. Granted, I never buy an e-book unless it’s on sale for a couple of bucks (I may stress shop, but…