Caturday Reads: Japanese Steampunk & Eberron’s Sword & Sorcery

There are two books on my weekend reading itinerary. One of them is a Japanese steampunk novel that has been on my TBR for over a year. My local library had a copy, so I snagged it the last time that I was here. The second book is the first novel in one of my favourite sword and sorcery trilogies of all-time, a trilogy that I love to read and re-read, especially when I’m having a difficult time dealing with real-life challenges

Caturday Reads: Fluffy Romance Manga & Sci-Fi Horror

Reading-wise, I’m going to focus on fluffy romance manga because it has been a salve for my stressed out body, mind, and spirit. One of them I know for sure that I shall invest in acquiring the physical volumes in the near future because it’s legitimately one of my top ten favourite romance serials ever. The rest are mostly sci-fi horror novels with one fantasy novel that I’ve been working on since mid-February.

27 Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books of 2021 with Gloriously Crafted Covers

I really love the covers for almost all the science-fiction and fantasy books that I consume. They usually tread on a spectrum of varying artistic masterpieces from badass to quaint to minimalist to cheesy as an ooey gooey pizza with extra sauce, and everything in between. Some of them can even be godawfully disgusting or horrific, which has it’s own special brand of appeal that I adore. Whatever the story, the covers have a tendency to snap a human’s attention quickly.

5 Fantasy Authors I Think Are Splendidly Dope!

Fantasy is one of my favourite genres and I feel like I don’t spend enough time talking about it. While I have a tendency to read many genres across a wide spectrum, fantasy is one that I always turn to and one that I love seeing as the foundation for some remarkably brilliant narratives, ones…

Storm Glass (Harbinger #1) by Jeff Wheeler: Plenty o’ Potential Lost via Uninspired Clichés & One-Dimensional Characters – Book Review (Fantasy)

Storm Glass by Jeff Wheeler is a fantasy novel and the first instalment in the Harbinger series. The book came highly recommended to me via other fantasy reading friends, which prompted me to check it out from the library. However, shortly afterwards I discovered it on sale for a couple of dollars (the Kindle edition),…

Library Loot #19: Epic & High Fantasies

Fantasy is a beautiful genre. It can be filled with wonder and magic as equally as it can be jam-packed with horror and madness. Similarly to science-fiction, there are no bounds that cannot be reached with fantasy so long as the mind is capable of conjuring it into existence. I think this is why these…