November & December Anime Watching Wrap-Up!

I ended up devoting a lot of my free time in re-watching comforting shows with semi-lengthy episode tallies (24 episodes or more), however. I did finish a couple of serials that brought me a wonderful sense of joy in the last few weeks of an awful eight months, give or take. So, while I consumed few titles, I still gained a relatively decent amount of satisfaction from what I was able to complete.

October’s Bitchin’ Awesome Anime Watching Wrap-Up

October was such a fabulous month of anime-RE-watching shenanigans. With the exception of two titles, I gave everything on this list an eight or higher. I’m not someone who gives out eights, nines, and especially tens that easily. So, when I do discover (or re-discover, in this case) anime that blow my fucking mind where I least expect them to, those higher numbers come dancing out, along with an irrepressible yearning to add it to my collection.

Golden Kamuy: A Gloriously Graphic & Unconventional Tale of Ainu Culture & Savage Treasure Hunts – Manga First Impressions

Golden Kamuy (ゴールデンカムイ) by Satoru Noda is a seinen, historical, Japanese-style Western manga series with seventeen total volumes thus far. It’s still ongoing and also has an anime adaptation (I believe season three shall be releasing later this year). The story is about a man known as the Immortal Sugimoto, who promises his dying comrade…

My Favourite Spring Anime Simulcasts! (2018)

The Spring anime season has been one of the most enjoyable simulcast seasons for me in a long time! There are plenty of titles out there that have made me laugh, relate to, and get emotional over. The visuals have been breath-taking, the music a magnificent combination of traditional, jazzy, and an homage to hip-hop…

Spring 2018 Anime Watchlist

The Spring 2018 Anime season has officially begun and, to be quite honest, I am feeling very excited as a few of my most-anticipated serials for the year shall be airing this season. After taking some time to look over all the offerings for the next three months, I have narrowed down my watchlist to…