A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman & Rafael Albuquerque: An Absolutely Brilliant & Beautifully Rendered Lovecraftian Graphic Novel – Comic Review

A Study in Emerald was the dark fantasy story that I didn’t realise I was craving so badly. It satisfied my love of both dark and mysterious plights, and my passion for fantasy and the obscure. As someone who positively relishes intellective writing and unique twists to literary classics, on top of everything else I’ve mentioned, the graphic novel ended up being a masterful indulgence of the best sort.

Black Magick Volume 1: Awakening Part One by Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott: Exuberantly Dark and Engrossing – Comic Review

Black Magick Volume 1: Awakening, Part One by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott is the first trade paperback instalment in a supernatural, dark fantasy graphic novel series that follows detective Rowan Black. She has worked really hard to keep a few aspects of her life quite private. However, when a mysterious force begins to target Rowan in an attempt to kill her, she realises that someone out there knows her secrets and is determined to expose her if they can’t take her life.

Batman: Arkham City by Paul Dini & Carlos D’Anda: A Beautiful Yet Boring Prequel Adaptation to the Massively Popular Video Game – Comic Review

Batman: Arkham City by Paul Dini and Carlos D’Anda is the trade paperback collection of the five-issue miniseries that bridges the gap between the events of the video games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. It was published approximately one year after the sequel game’s release via DC Comics. Recently, I completed a second…

Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album: Deluxe Edition – Graphic Novel Review

Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Deluxe Edition is written by Tom King and published by DC. The superhero, dark fantasy graphic novel features artwork from various artists, including: Frank Miller, Mikel Janin, David Finch, Joëlle Jones, Jim Lee, Neal Adams, Andy Kuberk, and much more. The collection is a celebratory hardcover volume that contains the road…