Mid-Morning Musings: Learning (Failing) the Art of Relaxation

Relaxation is defined as being abatement or relief from mental and physical effort, work, etc., and while I totally understand the meaning in a logical fashion, I am absolutely fucking terrible at applying it to myself. This past week while I was silent on the blogspace, I was attempting to partake in effort abating activities since my doctors told me to practise the “art of relaxation,” and let me tell you, folx, if they offered platinum medals for people who are absolutely inept at this so-called art, I’d win them all. ALL. Every bloody one.

Mid-Morning Musings: A Congestive Combustion

Hey, y’all. This morning I just wanted to briefly chat about something personal with the hopes that it may help others out there. Yesterday in the month’s first blogsphere post, I mentioned that life has been hectic due to a lot of adjusting of schedules and time management. But I never fully comprehended the extent…