Forge of the Mindslayers by Tim Waggoner: A Thrillingly Awesome Dark Fantasy Sequel – Book Review

Forge of the Mindslayers by Tim Waggoner is the second novel in the dark fantasy, sword-and-sorcery series, The Blade of the Flame. Diran and his half-Orc chum, Ghaji, receive a tip about a lich terrorising people in the mountains of Perhata. As they work to hunt down this malevolent force, the duo, and their comrades, end up getting ensnared in the local politics poisoning the two regions that are vying for control.

Library Loot #19: Epic & High Fantasies

Fantasy is a beautiful genre. It can be filled with wonder and magic as equally as it can be jam-packed with horror and madness. Similarly to science-fiction, there are no bounds that cannot be reached with fantasy so long as the mind is capable of conjuring it into existence. I think this is why these…