Jōran: Princess of Snow and Blood: Violence-Laced Political Intrigue with Assassins & Shapeshifters Amid Meiji-Era Japan – Anime 1st Impressions (Spring 2021)

Jōran: Princess of Snow and Blood is an original seinen, politically intrigue-infused historical drama taking place in 1931 that follows a Tokugawa prince who holds absolute power. On one side there is a rebel group that’s determined to assassinate the prince and re-take the regime that he’s built via that power. Then there’s the other side, consisting of a consortium of secret government executioners that seek to extinguish the rebel group before they can make their move and demolish all that has been erected under the Tokugawa rule

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion: 1st Impressions – A Superb Story of Japan’s First Mongol Invasion (Summer Anime 2018)

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion (アンゴルモア 元寇合戦記) is the anime adaptation of the seinen, historical manga series written by Nanahiko Takagi. It is being produced by studio NAZ and directed by Takayuki Kuriyama. This is one of my most-anticipated anime serials for the season because everything about it sounded so wonderfully amazing. Upon finishing the…