Library Loot: Non-Fiction & True Crime

Since I’ve been in a mood to read about serial killers and the psychology of criminality, most of the books that I snagged are nonfiction or true crime titles to do with those subjects. I did get a couple that aren’t so centred on such dreary and disturbing topics, but overall the haul is rather dark.

Massive SFF Library Loot: Summer-time Reading Fun-time!

I got a humongous leaning tower of tomes and I’m excited to read them over the next three to four months. Joking and whining aside, the Summer heat is pretty atrocious for my physical health, so to avoid long bouts of bedrest, I figured it would be wise to hoard up on things that can help keep my ADHD occupied

Saturday’s Library Loot: Adult Fantasy & Science-Fiction

Happy Saturday, y’all! Today is my first day at the new job and, honestly, I’m a basket of nerves. When I get nervous and stressed out, I tend to do some stress-induced shopping. However, in an effort to keep myself from spending money that I definitely don’t have, I went to the library and “shopped” there instead.

Super Duper Library Haul: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Own-Voices Non-fiction Japanese

Since I’ve been mostly in a fantasy and nonfiction reading mood lately, almost all of the books that I put on hold are from these respective genres. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tad bit overwhelmed by how many library books I now have in my possession. Even so, I’m really ecstatic to read these titles. It’s been so damn long since my bibliophilic impulses have been this strong.

Library Loot #17: Sci-Fi Comics & Japanese Thrillers

I’m so excited to share my library haul today, y’all! Each of these books totally swept me away with their premises and I’m looking forward to reading through them in May! The comics are something that I plan on devouring before going out of town this weekend. They just look too damn goo to sit…

Library Loot #13: Science-Fiction & Mysteries

Welcome, chums, to another round of “Lacks Restraint Terribly,” er… I mean, my recent loot from the good ol’ library. My genre cravings have been all over the bleeding place lately, but mysteries definitely seem to be hitting my enjoyment spot. I’ve also been finding lots of delight in science-fiction, particularly where artificial intelligence narratives…

Library Loot #12: Sci-Fi Horror & Japanese Fiction

My round of books from the library this time have more Asian titles in it and that makes me very happy because one of my reading goals for 2019 is to increase the number of #OwnVoices Asian literature novels that I read. I want that to eventually become the bulk of what I consume, mostly…

Library Loot #9: Sri-Lankan Fiction & Indian Fantasy!

You know, when you have a brilliant haul from the library, the most difficult decision lies in which book you’re going to want to read first! At least that is the problem I am currently faced with! Recently, I have been struggling with my reading. My ADHD has been very rambunctious, which when coupled with…