Deadpool Samurai Volume 1 by Sanshirō Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi: The Merc with the Mouth Dropping Shade on Shonen Jump – Manga 1st Impressions

Deadpool Samurai Volume 1 follows my favourite Merc with the Mouth as he drops into Tokyo with a magnificently foul-mouthed bang, breaking all the walls in existence, after Iron Man invites the merc to join the Avenger’s Japan-centred group, Samurai Squad. With a free trip to Tokyo and all the extra cash, DP decides to give it a shot. After all, Japan’s one of the safest countries in the world, what could possibly go wrong?

The Elusive Samurai by Yūsei Matsui: A Quirky Historical Tale of Retribution & Family Honour – Manga First Impressions

The Elusive Samurai (逃げ上手の若君) by Yūsei Matsui is a shōnen, jidaigeki manga series that takes place between the Kamakura and Muromachi eras of Japanese history and follows a young boy named Hōjō Takatoki that is known for always being on a speedy run. When his entire family and status are viciously ripped from him by a terrible betrayal, Hōjō flees with an unexpected rival so that he may survive and exact his revenge one day in the near future.

My Home Hero by Naoki Yamakawa & Masashi Asaki: The Unyielding Fortitude of a Father’s Love – Manga First Impressions

My Home Hero (マイホームヒーロー) by Naoki Yamakawa & Masashi Asaki is a seinen, psychological crime thriller manga series about a forty-something year old salaryman that also writes mystery novels during his free time. During lunch with his eighteen-year-old daughter one day he learns that she is being physically abused by her boyfriend. Unable to stand the thought of someone harming his little girl, the salaryman does the unthinkable with the intention of protecting her.

Love Me, Love Me Not Volume 1 by Io Sakisaka: A Fresh & Fascinating Exploration of Love & Friendship

Love Me, Love Me Not Volume 1 (思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ) is the first instalment in a shōjo, coming-of-age manga series written by Io Sakisaka (Blue Spring Ride, Strobe Edge). It follows two main characters, Yuna and Akari, who bump into one another at a local train station. Through a moment of selflessness, one helps the other and…

Black Torch: A Shōnen Supernatural Series with Badass Cats & Beautifully Understated Artwork – Manga First Impressions

Black Torch (ブラックトーチ) by Tsuyoshi Takaki is a shōnen, fantasy, supernatural series that I came across while browsing VIZ Media’s online catalogue. A few of the things that appealed to me the most  about this series was the title, the short length, and the fact that the synopsis mentioned an animal loving ninja. It sounded…

Golden Kamuy: A Gloriously Graphic & Unconventional Tale of Ainu Culture & Savage Treasure Hunts – Manga First Impressions

Golden Kamuy (ゴールデンカムイ) by Satoru Noda is a seinen, historical, Japanese-style Western manga series with seventeen total volumes thus far. It’s still ongoing and also has an anime adaptation (I believe season three shall be releasing later this year). The story is about a man known as the Immortal Sugimoto, who promises his dying comrade…

Satoko & Nada: A Respectful & Free-Spirited Look at Empowering Females in Friendship and Faith – Manga First Impressions (#OwnVoices)

Satoko and Nada (サトコとナダ) by Yupechika is a slice-of-life four-panel manga series about a Japanese girl named Satoko who goes to America for her studies. Upon arriving, she becomes roommates with a Saudi Arabian Muslim girl named Nada and the two ladies develop a sweet bond of friendship and youthful exploration of identity. This shall…