Nyan’s Spring Anime Watching Wrap-Up! (2021)

Spring turned out to be a decent anime watching season for me. In addition to the ten simulcasts that I managed to keep up with, I also wrapped up six completed serials! My overall satisfaction for everything was rather positive as well, which is always a very nice feeling.

These Snow White Notes: The Spiritual Essence of Shamisen Artistry – Anime 1st Impressions (Spring 2021)

These Snow White Notes (ましろのおと) is a shōnen, slice-of-life drama about a young man named Setsu Sawamura who grew up idolising his grandfather, a supremely gifted shamisen instrumentalist. When his grandfather passes away, his dying wish is for Setsu to stop playing the shamisen until he can realise what it means to him as a person and artist.