Self-Care Sunday: 3 Mental Health Hurdles to Heal in 2021

Last year—the year of 2020 and the pandemic chaos—taught me a lot about the mental health challenges that I still struggle with on a daily basis. When this year began, I had told myself that I was going to take a higher initiative at mending these concerns that still weighed me down. But 2021 has turned out to be even more exhausting for me mentally and emotionally than the previous year, and because of that, I’ve actually fallen deeper into the very problems that I hoped to improve and cope through.

Self-Care Sunday: My New Journey with Anti-Depressants Part 1: Making the Choice to Start Again

Today, I wanted to get very personal. The decision to talk about my journey with anti-depressants was quite a tough one. However, I know that making this sort of choice is one that many people struggle with. The questions of “Will they actually help?,” “Will they make things worse?,” and many others like it are just a handful that an individual can grapple with when trying to figure out if this is the right path for them. While I strongly believe that it definitely depends on the person as to whether or not taking any kind of medication for mental health shall benefit them or not, I wanted to share a very honest account of my personal experiences with the hope that it may help someone else out there who may be having a similar battle within themselves.

Mid-Morning Musings: Finding the Silver Lining Amid the Chaos of 2020

There has been such immense tragedy and turmoil within the confines known as 2020. When the year began, so many of us were looking forward to a brand-new decade; a fresh start and a clean slate from the previous decades’ despair and disappointments. Yet, little did we understand that within a mere few months, the world would become dark and filled to the brim with such incertitude.

Self-Care Sunday #11: What is Self-Care?

Welcome, friends, to another instalment of Self-Care Sunday. Before I dive into today’s focus, I wanted to take a moment and celebrate that this is the 11th SCS post here on BiblioNyan! I remember when I began the series, I was wholly worried as to whether I’d have enough things to chat about for two…

Mid-Morning Musings: A Congestive Combustion

Hey, y’all. This morning I just wanted to briefly chat about something personal with the hopes that it may help others out there. Yesterday in the month’s first blogsphere post, I mentioned that life has been hectic due to a lot of adjusting of schedules and time management. But I never fully comprehended the extent…

Self-Care Sunday #7: Combatting Stressful Binge Eating

Happy Sunday to you all! I wholeheartedly wish that your week has been treating you rather swellingly. Mine has some ups and downs, but overall hasn’t been too difficult in hindsight. It has been quite productive in terms of writing and prepping posts, but absolutely horrendous with regards to reading. My positive goal for this…

Mid-Morning Musings: A Ghost of Remembrance

Good morning, dragons~ I have been having a really difficult time battling depression lately. It has been kicking my ass to Mars and back. One of the things that happen when my Depression kicks up include the worst nightmares ever. Tonight, when I could sleep no longer, I decided to go on a small drive…