Mid-Morning Musings: Processing Loss & the Poisonous Nature of Hate

On Wednesday, July 21st, I received news that my uncle had passed away. We weren’t blood relatives. He was my mum’s neighbour in Fiji when they were kids and also her best friend from childhood, one of the few that she had. As long as I can remember, he’s always been a strong and positive presence in my life. From my own childhood, I have always loved, respected, and perceived him as a second father to me. When I received news of his death, I felt nothing but shock and disbelief.

Mid-Afternoon Musings: Sick Kitty & Being Stuck in the Muck with Opportunities

Hey all. For today’s Mid-Afternoon Musings, I actually made a voice-recording to go with the write-up. The writing bit is a transcription of the voice recording. I’m trying to put together a new podcast gig thing, so I figured this could be a trial for it. I’m still working on getting a better mic, so if the audio quality isn’t all supreme, don’t worry, I’m working on obtaining the tools to make that aspect better.

Mid-Morning Musings: Conquering Setbacks in Life via the Happiness of Cat Companionships

Today, I’m feeling a bit blue. I received some bad news on Sunday, which has left me with a mixture of emotions overall, but the most prominent of them is frustration and a tad bit of sadness. On one hand I am relieved because this news is better in both the short and long terms for my physical health and permanent disabilities. However, in the short-run and very near future, it has created a bit of a setback.

Mid-Morning Musings: Picking Up Where I Left Off in the Pursuit of My Goals

One of the most difficult parts of trying to live in the aftermath of dealing with a terrible illness and it’s decidedly uncomfortable treatment process is finagling out what comes next. I’m not talking about the Survivor’s Guilt or the Imposter Syndrome (although I have dealt with these things as well). Rather, what I’m referring to is our lives with respect to work and school and all that fun shtick. Do we just keep grinding to the same tune, or do we say, “Fuck this,” and find a new composition to light some jives beneath our feet?

Mid-Morning Musings: A Congestive Combustion

Hey, y’all. This morning I just wanted to briefly chat about something personal with the hopes that it may help others out there. Yesterday in the month’s first blogsphere post, I mentioned that life has been hectic due to a lot of adjusting of schedules and time management. But I never fully comprehended the extent…