Summer Anime Watching Wrap-Up (June to September)

Summer was an interesting season of anime watching for me. While I didn’t get through all of my initial watchlist, I did finish a lot of long-term projects that I had been picking at, most of which were re-watches. In that sense, I actually feel really accomplished with what I completed. Having the opportunity to re-visit old favourites with renewed perspective while dabbling in some unfamiliar titles gave me a refreshing season of entertainment, along with a couple new serials to add to my favourites stack.

March & April Anime Watching Wrap-Up!

March and April were months that I spent finishing off some Winter simulcast stuff more than anything else. I did watch a kick-ass classic film that I loved and shall be reviewing later on in the month, however, so there’s that at least. My goal is to have a much more productive anime watching experience…