My Right to Exist Isn’t Up For Debate!!

I feel a lot of anger, not just today but every single day that I wake up and have to answer to the many questions of an ignorant humanity on why I’m a human being that deserves respect. I’m alive. Isn’t that enough?

Mid-Morning Musings: Conquering Setbacks in Life via the Happiness of Cat Companionships

Today, I’m feeling a bit blue. I received some bad news on Sunday, which has left me with a mixture of emotions overall, but the most prominent of them is frustration and a tad bit of sadness. On one hand I am relieved because this news is better in both the short and long terms for my physical health and permanent disabilities. However, in the short-run and very near future, it has created a bit of a setback.

Mid-Afternoon Musings: The Anxiety of Starting a New Year

When 2020 finally ended, I thought I could breathe. I had imagined inhaling a fresh bout of air and filling my lungs with hope by putting aside the commiseration caused by the last twelve months in lieu of moving forward with the future. Yet, barely a week into 2021 and things seems to be just as dire as ever. How can we stop and lift our heads towards the horizon when its continuously obscured by the black smoke of hatred and ignorance with a never-seeming end? In many ways, I feel that we cannot.

Desperately Seeking Anime Recommendations

Yo, chums. I hope this post finds you well. It’s been over a month since my last interaction here on BiblioNyan, so much so that it feels rather strange putting this thing together right now. But I’m not here to give any updates today, at least not in the ways you’d expect. I have a full detailed life and blog update hitting this space on Monday. Today, I’m here seeking your assistance.

Mid-Morning Musings: Learning (Failing) the Art of Relaxation

Relaxation is defined as being abatement or relief from mental and physical effort, work, etc., and while I totally understand the meaning in a logical fashion, I am absolutely fucking terrible at applying it to myself. This past week while I was silent on the blogspace, I was attempting to partake in effort abating activities since my doctors told me to practise the “art of relaxation,” and let me tell you, folx, if they offered platinum medals for people who are absolutely inept at this so-called art, I’d win them all. ALL. Every bloody one.

Mid-Morning Musings: A Mid-Summer Thank You

I sit upon the polished hardwood floors with my legs crossed and my eyes wide open, gazing upon the season as she takes flight. The blue skies and wisps of clouds, where I wish you’ve finally found peace, reach out to me with their vibrancy. Inhaling deeply, I breathe in the freshness of what’s to…

Hitting the Brakes on Blogging with a Much-Needed Writer’s Retreat

Good morning, chums! Today, I’m going to announce a blogging slow-down. Recently, I shared a Self-Care post where I chat about blogging slumps that can occur due to stress or simply burning out. While I’m not experiencing either of those things at the moment (well, there’s always stress, but it’s currently rather mild, which is…

Random Blog Update (2019)

Ciao, Chums! It feels nice to be typing something up again. Since I posted the first January Blogsphere Highlights, my life sort of became a bit hectic. I hadn’t realised that the start date for school was literally a few days away. That caught me off-guard and then held most of my attention for the…