18 Best Books of March & April 2021

March and April were about average reading months for me. I spent most of my time reading through manga because my ability to focus on novels have been quite moody. Nonetheless, I found some great graphic novels to enjoy that helped me to stay in the reading groove for the most part, which I’m grateful for. Towards the end of April, I finally found my out of the rut pit and was able to read a few fantasy novels.

🕷️ Spookathon Readathon TBR! 🎃

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope that your weekend is going along smoothly thus far. Other than being freezing cold, mine shall be full of hot chocolates and plenty o’ reading. 🙂 I’m still on a bit of a hiatus as I work through my mental health, but to be completely honest… I miss blogging. I…