6 Amazing Authors that Encourage Me to Never Give Up on My Ambitions

Authors are incredible folx. They spin stories full of splendour and wonder with a simple set of twenty-six letters (or more or less given their preferred writing tongues). These tales can inspire us and motivate us to pursue our own dreams. They can instil within us a sense of fulfilment within our identities. It can help us reconnect with our roots and cultures, or even take us on mesmerising adventures to different universes where we can experience the magnificent spectrum of diversity in ways we never imagined.

Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali: A Truly Beautiful Bookish Marvel with a Fiercely Feminist & Endearingly Romantic Tale of Heartfelt Faith & Family Values

Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali is an #OwnVoices Islamic young adult contemporary romance novel about two Muslim teens that end up meeting by happenstance on their journey to Doha, Qatar right after experiencing some frustrating events in their personal lives. For Zayneb, it’s suspension after an Islamophobic teacher retaliates against her in…