Caturday Reads: Medical Sci-Fi & Psychological Thriller

The new university semester starts in a week or so, where I shall be returning in the pursuit of a pharmacist degree (I’m so ecstatic, y’all). Since I will have very little to no free time then, I want to spend the next couple days revamping my office/study and the burrowing into blankets with comforting reads, TV serials, and my kitters. During this period, I’ll definitely be ignoring the world because I need a mental and emotional break

Top 7 Books that Have Been on My TBR the Longest!

To-Be-Read lists can be so dangerous. On the one hand, they are super useful with helping the unsuspecting bibliophile in keeping track of titles that sound really fascinating in the moment. They masquerade as a useful tool to help the avid reader in maintaining resources of stuff if we actually find ourselves without anything to…