The Big O: A Chic, Cool, and Clever Tech-Noir Mecha Series about Forgetting Our Pasts – Anime 1st Impressions

The traits that I love about The Big O are exactly some of the reasons why the series probably wasn’t very popular in Japan, and instead has become a bit of a cult title within Western otaku audiences.  Some of these include the gorgeous animation style, the perception of how toxic it is to bury our pasts for the sake of our future, and the toss-backs to classic Western media and literary sources.

Astra Lost in Space Episode 2 & 3 Musings: Space Monsters, Scrumptious Fruits, & Saboteurs, OH MY! (#AniTwitWatches)

After last week’s fantastic pilot, I wanted to see the development of friendships and teamwork between this motley crew of kids, with some tiny rough patches for conflict and better storytelling, as well as some kind of explanation (or the start of) what the initial intention was of sending kids alone into space. While I suspect it is some sort of coming-of-age ritual, I also can’t help but wonder if it’s

Astra Lost in Space: A Suspenseful Sci-Fi Anime with Awesome Narrative Potential – Anime 1st Impressions (#AniTwitWatches)

Astra Lost in Space is a shōnen, science-fiction anime that follows a group of high school teens who participate in what is supposed to be a short trip to a different planet for a rite-of-passage sort of summer camp. However, shortly after arriving they encounter a mysterious glowing orb that chases them down and consumes them. Suddenly these kids find themselves drifting in space above an unknown planet a few thousand light-years from where they’re supposed to be.

BPS Battle Programmer Shirase: First Impressions – An Aesthetically Retro Series About a Carefree Computer Hacker

BPS: Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS バトルプログラマーシラセ) is a comedy, science-fiction series about a guy named Akira Shirase who’s a freelance computer programmer that takes on jobs in exchange for goods, usually rare computer parts. Because he’s absolutely brilliant, he’s contacted often by many individuals to complete various hacking and security related tasks. The very first…

Top 5 Favourite Futuristic/Dystopian Anime Serials!

Science-fiction is one of my favourite genres across all forms of entertainment that I enjoy. My two favourite mediums for it, however, would have to be books and anime/manga. Contribute it to my love for details and imagination, or just my passion for those two forms of media specifically. Whatever the case may be, I…