Iwa Kakeru! – Sport Climbing Girls – First Impressions: A Charming Yet Conventional Anime about Competitive Rock-Wall Climbing (Fall 2020)

Iwa Kakeru! follows four high school girls as they come together to form a sport climbing club with the hopes of being able to compete in the sport on a national level. One of the newest members is a former professional video gamer named Konomi Kasahara who goes searching for a fun, new club that will offer her the same excitement and satisfaction that games (specifically puzzle games) used to give her.

Hanebad!: First Impressions – An Emotionally Evocative Favourite for the Season (Summer Anime 2018)

Hanebad! (はねバド!) is a seinen, sports anime that revolves around badminton. It was originally a manga written by Kōsuke Hamada. Liden Films is producing the adaptation, with direction from Shinpei Ezaki. After watching the first episode, I can safely say that this series is going to be one fantastic hit for the Summer line-up! Hanebad!…