Grave Peril (Dresden Files #3) by Jim Butcher: The Painful Dehumanisation of Women Amid a Godawful Overload of Poor Plot Twists

This book was positively excruciating to get through. Between the unnecessary and overused convoluted plot twists, the stupidity of the characters behaviours (some of which felt out-of-place), and the grotesquely outrageous objectification of women—I was ready to throw this out of my fucking window and into a trash fire where it belongs.

Weekend Reads #27: Urban Fantasy & Japanese Fiction

Good morning bookworms and otaku dragons! After fighting a week of exhaustion and other life things, I am looking forward to sitting in bed, reading, and catching-up on Supernatural! I hope that your week has treated you well, and if not, then make sure to try and get some self-care in! Whether you order pizza…