Parade by Shūichi Yoshida: A Slow-Burn Psychological Exploration of the Darkness Beneath Monotonous City-Living – Book Review

Parade by Shūichi Yoshida is a Japanese psychological mystery story about four distinct individuals who all reside in a small two-bedroom Tokyo apartment. How these four came to be together is a matter of happenstance due to life’s quirky humour. They end up developing a friendship that they don’t even realise exists.

Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5) by Jim Butcher: Conflict Resolutions & Holy Chaotic Treasure Hunts – Book Review

Death Masks by Jim Butcher is the fifth instalment in the author’s adult urban fantasy series, The Dresden Files. Harry Dresden’s initiated war between the Red Court and the White Council finally has a chance to be resolved when Harry is challenged to a death duel by one of the most powerful members of the Red Court. All he has to do is kill his opponent in a fair fight.