Films & TV Shows that I Watched in December 2021

December was a pretty average watching month for me. I spent most of it binging a TV show I wasn’t expecting to get so caught up in but did. I also spent some of it catching up on Scooby-Doo shtuff I haven’t seen yet, which is a project I began way back in October. While there weren’t any super mind-blowing content consumed, I’m still happy with what I did get to indulge

6 Best Books of December 2021!

December was a very uneventful month for me in terms of reading, most likely due to my typical Holiday Blues. I fell into a terrible rut and couldn’t focus on anything I picked up for more then ten minutes at a time. Because of that, I’ve only got about six books to share with you in this wrapping

One Hour Photo (2002): One of the Finest Works of Cinema I’ve Ever Seen – Film Review

One Hour Photo (2002) is a psychological thriller about a man named Sy Parrish who runs a one-hour photo developing lab in a big-name retail store that’s a part of a larger mall. He’s quite a perfectionist and is always very kind and courteous to regular customers. One family in particular, the Yorkin Family, who Sy has been helping for years, has a special spot in Sy’s heart. When the seeds of their seemingly flawless family dynamics start to unravel, it causes Sy to tip over the emotional edge.

Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell: A Superb Southern Gothic Horror about Screwed-Up Town Tragedies – Book Review

Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell is a Southern Gothic horror story that follows the Larkin family. In the 1960s, they had the great misfortune of undergoing a terrifying tragedy that would only repeat itself twenty years later. As a result, many spooky supernatural things start occurring in their small Southern town of Babylon including

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager: A Horrifying Haunted House Thriller Worth the Nightmares It’ll Give You – Book Review

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager is a Gothic horror mystery thriller about a woman named Maggie who returns to a house that she has no memory of residing in. All she knows about the house—Baneberry Hall—is the controversial nonfiction book her dad had written about it, flinging her family into an incredibly stressful limelight that’s followed her since childhood. When her dad dies

Blood Rites (The Dresden Files #6) by Jim Butcher: Vampire Pals, Provocative Flicks, and Silly Puppies Abound – Book Review

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher is the sixth instalment in the author’s adult urban fantasy series, The Dresden Files. Harry’s latest client is a sassy and suave vampire named Thomas with morally ambiguous allegiances, who seeks out the cranky wizard man to help him hunt down the malevolent forces that’s killing off the lovely ladies of a skin flick