Motro Volume One – A Comic Review

Okay, I honestly have no idea where to even begin with the hot-mess that was Motro Volume 1 by Ulises Farinas and Erick Frietas. Mind you, I’ve read some pretty awful titles in my life, but it has been a very long time since I’ve come across something of this calibre. This comic is not something that I could or would recommend to anyone…ever.

33590272The story is supposed to revolve around a young boy who has superhuman strength, and he tries to live up to the expectations of his dead father. It’s very clichéd, I know. If that doesn’t pique your interest, then how about tossing in mechs and monsters in a fantastic world? See, those were the elements that originally attracted my attention. But… man… the execution was a colossal fail, and probably a bit too ambitious.

There are several time jumps that pop out randomly,  and the empty space in-between the jumps are never filled in. This creates a frustratingly jarring experience, not to mention that it’s just very confusing. The writing and “fantasy” aspects felt like it was penned by a child. With the writing, since it’s told from the perspective of a youngin I can understand too an extent, but with elements outside of his perspective? It just makes the story sound dumb. For example, the machine creatures in the serial fart explosions when they eat something spicy. Between the artwork and this unfitting immature imagery, I honestly felt like I was reading something created by Beavis and Butthead… in the Beavis and Butthead universe…

This brings me to the illustrations. Because of the Beavis and Butthead…atmosphere, there was a strong vibe that the comic was supposed to be reminiscent of 90s MTV animations (or inspired by, maybe), yet it doesn’t even come close to what made the art for those [MTV] animations work for that particular time period.

If by some super feat of patience and comprehension you are capable of deciphering the overall plot, you might be able to see a message of how family doesn’t always consist of those with whom you share blood and biology. However, it’s buried beneath layers and layers of terrible writing and illustrations that you probably won’t be able to stomach the comic long enough to figure it all out. If someone had a really bad trip on drugs, or alcohol, and were to create a comic… this is it, this is what would more than likely be a result of said bad trip.

1 machine outta 5.