Elegant Yokai Apartment Life – First Impressions

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life wasn’t originally on my list of shows to check out for the summer, but when I saw that CrunchyRoll had picked it up, I decided to give it a shot. I’m very happy that I did because I get some good-vibes from it.

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Yōkai Apato no Yūga na Nichijō) is the adaptation of the supernatural slice-of-life light novel series with the same name, written by Hinowa Kōzuki. It’s being produced by Shin-Ei Animation studio. While we don’t have a definitive number of episodes yet, I feel like this is going to be a show that’ll run for 11-13 episodes.

EYL Title 02

It revolves around a kid named Inaba Yūshi. After his parents die, he moves in with his Uncle. But feeling like a huge burden to them, he decides that when it’s time to go to high school, he’s going to move into a dorm to make life easier for his family. As middle-school graduation approaches and he prepares to make the big move, the dorm that Inaba originally planned to shift into ends up burning down. Desperate to find a place to crash for the next six months as the dorm’s rebuilt, Inaba exhausts all avenues available to him, until one evening a mysterious looking kid offers him a suggestion. This leads to Inaba finding residence in a room within an old and gloomy looking house that turns out to be the home of numerous kinds of yokai, or supernatural creatures and people.

The first thing that I noticed was the opening song. It’s got a good beat to it and I really enjoyed listening to it. I know, this is a bit odd, but hey. It worked it’s magic and suddenly I felt sincere enthusiasm for this introductory episode. The 24-minutes I spent watching this was a really good time. I loved the pacing for it. It didn’t trudge on super slowly, or zip on by so quickly that you couldn’t keep up with it. It was comfortable and perfect as we watch Inaba struggle to find a place to live. There was actual plot development, even if it was just your standard foundation-for-things-to-come kind of scenario. Introductions to quite a few occupants are made, discoveries about what the home truly entails is revealed, and it doesn’t end on a painfully clichéd cliffhanger.

The character designs (specifically for the boys) remind me a lot of Kuroko’s Basketball with its thick black lines and dramatically spiky and poky hairstyles. It’s not a bad thing at all, I just found this tiny similarity to be kind of cool. The animation outside of that is rather plain. The quality is your standard, very generalised anime quality with nothing to set it apart or make it special. The plot premise felt kind of unoriginal to me, but it’s executed with natural humour and some charming characters that helps to draw you into it.

While it didn’t scream out “Hey! I’m just GLORIOUS,” it didn’t deter me away either. I’m definitely fascinated enough to see what happens next.

You can watch Elegant Yokai Apartment Life on Mondays at 8:30am on CrunchyRoll.

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