Hiatus, Be Gone!!

Happy Saturday to everyone!!

Last Wednesday I had announced that my blog was going on a hiatus. Due to some personal struggles, I just needed a break to focus on my mental health and emotional well-being. I feel that the physical act of making my hiatus official, and forcing myself to concentrate on self-care, did wonders all on its own. I was stressed out and worried about the hiatus, initially. However, the time away gave me ample opportunity to decipher the causes of my struggles, thus allowing me to immerse myself in some positive solutions and self-love.

I feel really fucking great right now.

I know that I’m not one-hundred percent back to normal. That will take more time and patience. Yet I know that I am ready to return to the things that I adore and am passionate about, which includes blogging. Yesterday, after a long time, I managed to write a review for a book (a novella actually) and the act of doing so didn’t leave me feeling exhausted or drained. I didn’t wrestle with lacking inspiration, or in trying to find the best words to convey my thoughts and emotions regarding the read. It was very natural and exciting. It felt so wonderful, in that moment, to be able to go from this:


To this:


That’s when I knew that I was ready to return. I feel blessed because my hiatus didn’t take nearly as long as I originally anticipated. Depression is something that I will continue to grapple with on this journey of life, but I am managing and learning to cope so it doesn’t control me and dictate what I will or will not enjoy. It’s a long fucking process, and it can be so bloody frustrating, but I’m not ready to admit defeat.

I wanted to thank all of you who offered me words of support, virtual hugs, and open inboxes. Your kind thoughts, prayers, and gestures really do make a huge difference for some people like me who tend to feel that things are inevitably miserable, or hopeless. You provide hope and, even if we aren’t able to express it verbally or (in some cases at all) for whatever reason, it means the world to know that there are people out there who care and want to see you succeed and find joy.

I really do love and appreciate every single one of you.


My blog is a very special place for me and I respect what I do, as well as every one who pays me a visit, either regularly or once in a while. Because of that, I promise to always be honest and upfront with you about whatever is going on, especially if it will affect the awesome space of BiblioNyan.

I shall let you return to your weekends. I am currently participating in the 24in48 Readathon. It’s been pretty good so far and I have wonderful hopes for the rest of it! I simply wanted to take a moment and share the good news. Have a fantastic weekend, whether you’re relaxing, working, or something else. Make sure to try and smile at least once. Even if it’s only for a couple of seconds, it will definitely brighten your day a bit.

Love and warmest hugs,


9 thoughts on “Hiatus, Be Gone!!

  1. Well, I am very glad to read that you are telling better. I know how hard depression can be. Avery good friend of mine is currently struggling very, very hard with it. Last friday she had an especially tough day, and it almost broke my own heart to see her that way. But eventually things will turn better. Just believe in that, and that’s why a post like this makes me happy 😊 Good luck, and ofcourse I am already looking forward to your next posts 😀

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