September Anime Watchlist!

Today I’m here in an effort to start something new as a content creator and avid watcher of anime: to create monthly watchlists of finished titles! Over the past few years, I have accumulated quite a large pile of anime collections, most that I have not seen yet. But every season, more and more shows begin airing that always occupy my interest, thus drawing me away from my personal collection of unwatched media. So, in an effort to watch more anime, and to finally begin picking away at my insanely towering list of shit to watch, I have decided to try  my hand at creating small watchlists each month.

One of the reasons that I wanted to keep the list small is to avoid being intimidated. Keeping it at a reasonable three to four titles helps me stay motivated and interested in wanting to tackle my mini-goals. Being intimidated by the shadows of a rather gargantuan to-do list can be terribly depressing and discouraging. I don’t want to risk losing my passion for anime entirely due to something as avoidable as this. Another reason for the mini-lists consists of the fact that it has worked rather well for me in terms of books. While it’s a slower process, I’ve been kicking my TBR in the arse splendidly. As such, I’m hopeful that it will bode marvellously in regards to anime as well.

For September, I have chosen three titles, all of which are re-watches. I’ve watched many anime serials quite a few years ago. The reason I like to include re-watches on my lists is because I have changed so much as a person, and now that I am no longer a “newbie” otaku, I feel that I can appreciate them much more with my learned insight. Check them out down below. If you’ve seen them, please let me know your thoughts and feelings on them, spoiler-free if possible of course. 🙂

InuYasha Season 2 (Sunrise)

This series follows a fifteen-ear-old girl named Kagome Higurashi. She leads a rather normal and mundane life until one day she is dragged into the depths of a cursed, magical well that lies on the grounds of her family’s Shinto shrine. Very quickly she realises that she’s been transported 500 years into the past, during Japan’s Sengoku (Warring States) Period. In addition, the famed Wish Granting Jewel, or Shikon Jewel, has been reborn within Kagome. Through various plot elements, she ends up freeing a half-demon boy named InuYasha who helps her fight off this demon. When another one arises to steal the Shikon Jewel, the Jewel ends up getting shattered. Together InuYasha and Kagome set off in search of the shards to make the Jewel whole again, as well as to keep it from malevolent forces.

I watched the first season throughout July and August sparingly, and find myself enjoying it much more than than when I first watched it about seven years ago. As a much more critical and analytical watcher, there are a lot more details that I’m aware of which have been giving the show added layers of depth and dimension; layers I missed my first time through it.


Rideback (Madhouse)

Another series that I watched about five to six years prior, Rideback is a severely underrated series and I’ve been dying to re-watch for ages. When September began, the first thing I did was order this anime on Blu-ray with eager expectations of marathoning it hastily.

Rin Ogata was a ballet prodigy as an adolescent with potential of becoming one of the best in the world. However, a severe injury ended her ballet career abruptly when she was forced to quit. Now in college, Rin stumbles across a club one day, where she discovers an interesting transforming motorbike-like vehicle called the Rideback. Immediately, she becomes enamoured with the bike. When she takes it for a spin, Rin notices that her ballet skills, specifically to do with  balance and finesse, make her superbly natural at handling it. She ends up harnessing her new abilities to fight against a government organisation called the GGP, who’ve taken over the world.


Bunny Drop (Production I.G.)

Thirty-year-old, Daisuke Kawachi, is living a very comfortable bachelor’s life. He has a respectable, albeit boring, job and a decent social life with his co-workers. Then one day, he receives notice that his grandfather has passed away. When he arrives at the funeral, he meets a mysterious, young girl named Rin. Soon he learns that Rin was his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter by his housemaid. When the maid disappeared, the grandfather ended up caring for Rin all alone. Now Daisuke’s family argues over who gets the “burden” of taking care of Rin, for no one wants anything to with this “bastard child.” Feeling sympathetic and emotional for Rin’s plight, Daiksuke agrees to take her home and take care of her. The show follows his journey as he adjusts to fatherhood, and how this little girl helps him grow more as a person than he ever could have imagined.

My cousin is a father who adopted two boys when their respective parents passed away; parents who were very near and dear friends of ours. Speaking to him recently made me think of this anime and I knew I had to watch it again.


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