Kitty Medical Leave From Blogging!

Good morning, friends!

I just wanted to pop in briefly this morning and announce that there will not be any blog posts from me for the remainder of the week, this includes new videos on my BookTube channel. I would like to apologise ahead of time!

My beautiful kitty, Azizi, will be having surgery tomorrow along with some other medical work done. It’s nothing serious as of yet; he’s just having some teeth taken out. But he’s an old man who is grouchy as fuck on a good day. So, I can’t possibly imagine how much discomfort he will be in for the next few days. I need to give him my full attention so he can recover with flying colours. This is my first time experiencing a pet surgery type of situation, so naturally I’m a bit of a hot mess right now.

I didn’t want to randomly stop posting and uploading content. The plan is to return to blogging and videoing next Monday or Tuesday (9/25-9/26). If this changes at all, I will definitely let y’all know!

If you can send some well wishes and good thoughts, I’d greatly appreciate it. ♥ Happy reading and  happy otakuing to all.


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