Azizi Kitty Health Update!!

Happy Saturday morning to all!

I wanted to take a moment and give a very warm-hearted and grateful thank you to all of the well-wishes for my grumpy, old kitty dude. It meant so much to me. ♥♥♥

Azizi’s surgery was a success! Luckily, he only needed to have one tooth extracted. They stitched him up, gave him some meds, and sent him home. He’s recovering rather nicely. The temporary soft-food diet is probably his biggest issue. Kitty loves his kibble. But everything is healing nicely; no infections or bleeding. He does have some minor other health issues, but those are standard things that come up as cats get older, so nothing serious or worrisome. Within the next few days, Azizi will be back to normal, but much less crankier than he was before. 🙂

Sir Betrothed and I really appreciated the kind comments and thoughts you all sent our way. It helped us stay positive and to alleviate some of the stress.

I wanted to go ahead and give y’all an update on Sir Cranky Kitty, as well as to let you know that my blogging shenanigans shall be returning Monday morning.

Happy weekending and happy vibes to you all. ♥



3 thoughts on “Azizi Kitty Health Update!!

  1. My kitty is opposite on food preference. He wants most food to be lickable, but he’s willing to bite my hand hard every now and then.

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