March Book of the Month TBR (2018)

For March, I decided to try my luck with a mini-TBR (to-be-read) list. For anyone who has been following either my blog or BookTube platforms for a bit, you have listened to me explain that I am not someone who creates monthly TBR lists because they tend to put me into a reading slump. This occurs every single time that I create one. Nonetheless, for March, I decided to add a small twist to the TBR: I will be reading books that I have accumulated from Book of the Month.

I have been a member of Book of the Month for the past few months, and thus far I have obtained four books from them. After placing my order for the month, I have an added three titles coming in later this week. To stay on top of my Book of the Month treasures, I wanted to try reading through the small pile that I have collected. As someone with a nasty habit of buying or receiving books and then never reading them in a promptly manner, I am hoping that this biblio-excursion shall slowly start inspiring me to tackle more owned books.

So, my friends, please wish me luck on this endeavour! I know that I will need every drop of it! On the bright side, I have begun my first BOTM pick, and I am positively ADDICTED to it. I have been reading a minimum of 100 pages every time I sit down with it. I am going to remain optimistic that this trend shall carry on with me unto the month’s end.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

  • #OwnVoices Korean Literature, Historical Fiction, Multi-Generational
  • The story follows four generations of a Korean immigrant family who struggle to control their fate as they go from one intense struggle to another while living in a country that would never allow them to make it their home. The story starts in the 1930s with teenager Sunja, who due to circumstances, marries a Korean minister and moves to Osaka with him. While living there, everything that she thought she knew about Japan’s occupation of Korea and the great war, is proved to be far direr.
  • **I originally read and reviewed the Advanced Reader’s Copy. Upon completing this finished edition, I shall be writing a brand-new and more detailed review.**

City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty

  • #OwnVoices Islamic Literature, Fantasy
  • I will not be posting a synopsis for this book because I like to go into my fantasy books as blind as possible in terms of the story. But I have linked the GoodReads page for the book with the title for anyone who is interested in checking that out. 😊
  • I would also like to mention that the book is written by a white woman and is not #OwnVoices South West Asian/Middle-Eastern, but she is a Muslima, so it is #OwnVoices Islamic Literature.

The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller

  • Science-Fantasy, Historical Fiction
  • Eighteen-year-old Robert Weekes is a practitioner of empirical philosophy-an arcane, female-dominated branch of science used to summon the wind, shape clouds of smoke, heal the injured, and even fly. When a deadly accident puts his philosophical abilities to the test, Robert rises to the occasion and wins a scholarship to study at Radcliffe College, an all-women’s school. At Radcliffe, Robert hones his skills and strives to win the respect of his classmates, a host of formidable, unruly women. Robert falls hard for Danielle Hardin, a disillusioned young war hero turned political radical. However, Danielle’s activism and Robert’s recklessness attract the attention of the same fanatical anti-philosophical group, and shit gets chaotic.

The Broken Girls by Simone St. James

  • Supernatural, Mystery
  • The story alternates between 1950 and 2014 in Vermont. In 1950, at a boarding school called Idlewild Hall, a place for “delinquent” girls, four ladies that are roommates formulate a friendship over their fears and interests. Then one evening, one of the girls suddenly disappears. In 2014, Fiona is still distraught over her sister’s murder, which occurred 20 years ago. Her sister’s boyfriend was convicted of the crime, but something about the case never sat well with Fiona. When Idlewild is due for renovation, shocking and dark secrets are revealed, and Fiona learns just how complex and unusual the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death truly is.
  • **I received my copy early since this title was a Book of the Month Exclusive. It will be releasing in stores on 20-Mar-2018.**

Thank you for stopping by today! If you have read any of these books, or are anticipating them, please let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear from you. As always, happy reading and happy otakuing!

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  1. I read Pachinko in January and still can’t get over how astonishing it was. Good luck getting through your TBR! 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m about 2/3 of the way through Pachinko and it really is astonishing! I’m hoping to finish it later today. 😀

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