Life Update: The Godawful Flu From Hell

Good afternoon, friends!

I wanted to apologise for dropping away without any announcements or notification. Life for the past two weeks has been absolutely fucking horrendous!

About two and a half weeks ago, I woke up one morning with a bad fever and assumed that I had gotten a cold. But as the next two days passed, I quickly realised that I had, in fact, gotten influenza. It was such an uncomfortable and painful experience, which was further aggravated by the fact that I couldn’t keep anything down–food, medicine, even water. After about 9 days of not being able to eat, Sir Betrothed finally took me to the Emergency Room of our local hospital. After they ran a million tests, we discovered that my flu had mutated into pneumonia. I also have pretty bad asthma, so any breathing problems that were created from the flu and pneumonia made it almost impossible for me to breathe without feeling utterly exhausted and drained. The doctors gave me antibiotics, an IV, and some other stuff before sending me home. It took another horrid week of symptoms and side effects from my medicine and bed-rest, plus tons of care and attention from Sir Betrothed and my parents, before  I even began to feel like myself again.


So… I didn’t drop away by choice! I actually had some awesome posts planned out, but due to my health problems I was not able to get any of it out. But you know what, that’s okay! I’m not nearly as heart-broken about it as I had originally expected to be. I know that I can take my time and post everything I wanted over the next few weeks. The important thing now is that I am finally on the road to recovery and I am so excited to no longer be sick, well not as sick. I still have a small cough and the antibiotics are finishing up their little party in my lungs. Hopefully, Insha Allah (God-willing in Arabic), if everything keeps on going the way they are, I should be back to being 100% by the end of the week.

That has been my life for the past two weeks in a nutshell. As I mentioned earlier, it was by far the absolute worst experience of my entire life, and I have heart problems mind you. But this… Oh fuck, this was one hell of a fucking experience that I’m going to try my damnedest to never experience ever again.

I plan on having a couple of posts up later this week, with my full-time return to blogging next week! There are some cool bookish and Japanese cultural events happening in my corner of the world in April that I would like to attend and share with you all, if my doctors say it’s alright for me to attend.

That is the quick life update I wanted to share with you all. I did not give up on blogging at all and I am eager to return to the writing and sharing fun. I did talk briefly about my illness on Twitter, and I received a lot of support and concern. I want to take a small moment and say thank you to all of my friends who shared their kindness and support. Honestly, it gave me the strength I needed to keep fighting. Thank you all so much. You really are the best community ever and I feel blessed to be a part of it.


Okay, with that I shall bid you all adieu! Please keep an eye out for an anime post and a bookish post later this week. Sending out hugs and much gratitude once again.

As always, keep reading and keep otakuing. ♥♥♥


11 thoughts on “Life Update: The Godawful Flu From Hell

  1. I’m really happy that you’re well enough to blog now! I can’t wait to see more of your blog posts in the coming future.

    Although you had a really rough time, it’s great that you are so strong-willed!! Like a main protagonist. XD

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  2. That’s awful! I’m so sorry you have suffered so much over the past two weeks! I noticed you absence on Twitter and did wonder and worry if you were alright! I’m glad you are back and have beaten such an awful sickness! I look forward to seeing you post again ❤

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