30-Day Anime Challenge – Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime

Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime

I’ll admit that I haven’t seen that many mecha anime. It is a genre that I really enjoy, but I never really knew where to begin with it and as such, I haven’t watched as many as I’d like. So, I only have a few from my repertoire to choose from and of the ones I have seen, I can say without a doubt that this one is my favourite and will be a difficult one to top.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Man, there are so many reasons why I think this is a phenomenal series, but for why I think it’s a great mecha series, my reasons are pretty meek. It has brilliant strategical battles that rely almost solely on intellect, the mech designs are beautifully crafted and look phenomenal during fight scenes with the splendid animation, a full cast of imperfect characters whose personas play a big part in their combat styles, including the designs of their machines, it’s complex and thrillingly unpredictable more oft than not, and it was one of my first mech serials.

Thank you for visiting me today, friends. I hope the rest of your day and evening will be awesome. Until next time, happy reading and happy otakuing. 🌸

2 thoughts on “30-Day Anime Challenge – Day 11: Favourite Mecha Anime

  1. Oh yeah, awesome pick. You can’t really go wrong with Code Geass
    what do you think of the Cartdriver theory??

    • Without being spoilery, and getting too technical, I’m just gonna say that I strongly believe that it’s them (being non-gender specific).

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