Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album: Deluxe Edition – Graphic Novel Review

81lpu6pfdnlBatman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Deluxe Edition is written by Tom King and published by DC. The superhero, dark fantasy graphic novel features artwork from various artists, including: Frank Miller, Mikel Janin, David Finch, Joëlle Jones, Jim Lee, Neal Adams, Andy Kuberk, and much more. The collection is a celebratory hardcover volume that contains the road to the alter in Batman #24, #44, and the seminal, oversized wedding celebration in Batman #50.

I have been a huge fan of Catwoman since the first day I became introduced to the series with Batman: The Animated Series. Afterwards, I hunted down the comics and began to love her even more as the depth of her character and identity was revealed with various story arcs. The chemistry she shares with Batman, as well as how those two complement each other and their multiple identities, always felt like a perfect fit for me. When I saw that there was a collection celebrating their relationship through the years, since its conception, I knew I had to read it as soon as possible, and I’m so happy that I was able to do it!

Batman/Catwoman is a beautiful homage tbat-cat 01o the complicated relationship that Batman and Catwoman share, since the day they first met and through the myriad issues henceforth, spanning decades. We see them via their many individual phases, which included questioning their identities and their purpose, crazy-awesome costumes, and plenty of character growth. For anyone who has read the series from the beginning, the sense of nostalgia and respect that emanates from this collection is absolutely wonderful.

The narrative style essentially consists of candid love letters that they have written to one another regarding their inner-most feelings. It is more than likely the most honest that they have been, not only with each other, but with themselves. When you couple it with scenes and interactions from across the years of time, you really get a sense of the heaviness of their history, as well as the depth of their emotions and fears when it comes to being so utterly bare before another individual. They barely have the courage to truly look upon their own reflection, so to be able to do that with a person with whom you share such an intimate connection with would be miles harder. It is one of the facets that make Batman/Catwoman so extraordinary.

Another facet that I appreciated was the look at Bruce Wayne’s and Selina Kyle’s evolution in the series over the past few decades. We see them via original storylines and art form their initial publication/creation, combined with newly drawn sequences exclusive to this edition that are focused on paying tribute to the contributed issues. It really puts into perspective just how old and impactful the series has been to the comic medium as a whole. Additionally, there are unpublished sketches and artwork, some of which contain costume designs, issue covers, and the Bat and Cat in romantic scenarios; a bonafide photo album, if you will.

The artistic value of Batman/Catwoman is an aspect that is incredibly fantastic. There are various styles of art and art techniques that highlight the understated and often subtle intimacy shared by the couple. It also excellently captures the duality of Bruce and Selina, while simultaneously exploring their inherent parallels with remarkable care. Batman and Catwoman work so well together for the very same reasons that, in spite of being perfect for one another on the surface, they would never actually work as a couple. Their dysfunction helps build an aching and anticipatory tension that has helped spur them on and will continue to do so for many more years to come. It is the epitome of a slow-burn romance.

Overall, I highly recommend Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Deluxe Edition to anyone who is a fan of the Batman comics, more so if you’ve been reading it through the decades, and enjoy the duo as a pairing. It is a stunning, nostalgic, and splendid collection that shan’t be missed!

4.5 photos outta 5!

I received a free copy of the graphic novel in exchange for an honest review. Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Deluxe Edition releases on September 11th, 2018.

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  2. Neha, my TBR pile has turned into a monster ever since I started following your blog. I don’t know if I’ll ever defeat it.

  3. I really like those sample pictures! The two of them looking in the mirror with their secret identities… wow.

  4. One has to love those deluxe kind of graphic novels. Even though I am a huge Marvel fan I have always liked Batman. He is just a great character and so is catwoman. I saw a post earlier this week over on Lashaan’s blog (if you are not following him yet, you should…his blog as awesome) about this impending wedding. It was the first I learned of it. But I did not know that there was a deluxe edition as well. Wonderful post, and I love the covers for this 😊

    • So far I’ve only seen the deluxe edition. I haven’t seen a “normal edition,” if you will. I think because it’s a celebratory volume, it was designed to be this way. 🙂

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