Cosy Mystery Book Haul for Autumn!

Autumn is always a time of cosy vibes! It also happens to be my second favourite season! I love grabbing a mug of hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream, my fluffiest blanket and fuzziest sockies, and curling up with a really good book or some super scary video games. Usually there’s candy corn and pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups somewhere in the mix as well. When I do read during Autumn, they tend to be cosy mysteries with puffy kitties. Yet, the last time I followed this tradition was probably a good few years ago. This year I wanted to bring that tradition back!

About a week ago, I went to the bookstore and stocked up on some cosy mystery novels. I snagged a total of five of them and each one is the first book in a series. I didn’t really plan on getting these. My goal was to buy some scary stuff for Halloween. Nevertheless, I ended up in the mystery section and found myself unable to resist the temptation. I did give myself a budget so that I didn’t overspend and I was even able to use a couple of my coupons, which allowed me to save enough money to snag a small cup of cocoa on my way out of the store (there was an attached café close by). Overall, I’d have to say it’s an excellent start to the upcoming season! Check these out down below and let me know if they sound fun to you!

cat outline transparent

By Book or By Crook (Lighthouse Library Mystery #1) by Eva Gates

For ten years, Lucy has enjoyed her job of working with rare literature tomes at Harvard Library, while struggling with finding pleasure her family’s social whorl or being engaged to her father’s law partner’s son. When her relationship inevitably combusts, she recognises her life needs a rewrite. Lucy decides to visit her aunt, Ellen, and take a break with a vacation. Then she discovers a lighthouse library on Bodie Island that just so happens to be looking for a new librarian. Ecstatic for the change, Lucy packs up and takes the opportunity. But when a first edition Jane Austen novel gets stolen, with the chair of the library board murdered, Lucy hastily finds herself entangled in a strange mystery!

I got this because the lighthouse setting sounded marvellous, there was a cute kitty on the cover, and it revolves around a library!

Double Booked for Death (Black Cat Bookshop Mystery #1) by Ali Brandon

Darla is determined to prove herself a worthy successor to her great-aunt, Dee, and she’s equally determined to outwit Hamlet, a super smart kitty that she inherited along with her aunt’s bookshop. Her first big event at the store is to hold a signing for the current bestselling author around. Then the author ends up dying during the event and it’s ruled an accident. But when Hamlet drags up a clue that indicates otherwise, Darla becomes determined to solve the mystery!

The black cat on the cover reminded me of my black cat, Shinobi, and I can totally see her being a sleuthy detective. Naturally, I had to bring a copy home with me.

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (Magical Cats Mystery #1) by Sofie Kelly

When a librarian named Kathleen makes the move to Minnesota, she had no idea that two stray kitties would snuggle their way into her life. There’s Owen, the tabby catnip addict, and Hercules, the tuxedo who loves Barry Manilow. One day Kathleen attends a music festival, where a murder interrupts the festivities and Kathleen is deemed the prime suspect! While that is more than enough to shock someone into cardiac arrest, what blows Kathleen’s mind further is that her newfound felines are magical and they have every intention of helping her solve the case and prove her innocence!

Dude, magical kitties who solve mysteries? A kitty who like Barry Manilow?! Another one who is a tabby and reminds me of my Kiki princess?? These are all qualities that shouted, “Take me home meow!” (Yay, puns!)

Murder Past Due (Cat in the Stacks Mystery #1) by Miranda James

Charlie lives in Mississippi with his Maine coon named Diesel that he likes to walk on a leash (so jealous). They are both acquainted with a bestselling novelist named Godfrey Priest. But then one day someone in the small town of Athena, Mississippi takes Godfrey off the bestsellers by killing him. Now, Charlie and Diesel must browse through the town’s history and catalogue of residents to find the culprit.

The cover mostly attracted me to this. I love the look the cat is giving the cell phone. It made me laugh so much. I also like how floofy he is.

How to Wash a Cat (The Cats and Curios Mystery #1) by Rebecca M Hale

The novel revolves around a young woman and her two cats after they inherit his kooky antiques store. While they’re exploring the shop, trying to learn more about it, other than the fact that it’s been around since the Gold Rush days, they find a motley crew of former associates, a peculiar key, a trap door, and a puzzling map. Working to further unravel the eccentricities of the shop and its hidden secrets, the trio are led all the way back to the dark days of the Gold Rush itself.

The title sold me almost immediately. It reminded me of literally washing my cats during bath time, and I couldn’t help but laugh. When I read the snippet, I figured it sounded just different enough from the others to intrigue me.

Those are the five cosy mysteries that I want to get to this Autumn! I also own a couple more (cat related, of course) that I will more than likely add to this stack for my comfy birthday reading shenanigans (my birthday is also in Autumn, which makes it even better). I hope y’all have a beautiful and relaxing season ahead!

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 💜

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10 thoughts on “Cosy Mystery Book Haul for Autumn!

  1. You really got a nice haul! You look all set to cozy up and enjoy those fall nights 🙂

  2. I’ve never read a cozy mystery, but their book covers always attract me. They give me the impression that they’ll be light, fun reads.

    • They are definitely light, fun reads. The only real thing to keep in mind while reading them is not take them too seriously. One of my favourite cosy mystery serials is The Cat Who… series by Lilian Jackson Braun. I believe the first book is The Cat Who Could Read Backwards. They were written (or started I should say) in the 60s, so they can feel a bit outdated, but I love them.

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  4. I could not agree more with what you wrote about in your opening paragraph. I love autumn and there is nothing better that I like to do either: that is watch a good horrormovie late at night, or read some cool book under the covers of a blanket with your favorite drink nearby and some snacks. It doesn’t get any better than that 😊 Looks like you have some really cozy reads ahead! Hope they will al be fun and good reads for you 😊

    • Well, I have been getting more and more into horror films, so if you have a favourite, or like a top 5 of favourites, I’d love to hear them! The only ones that really scare the fricking heck outta me are ones about haunted houses, haha. But I’ll still watch them. In the daylight. With all the doors open. *sobs*

      • Hmm, that’s not a bad idea for a post honestly. Since Halloween is nearing, I might even write one! Have to think up a list, but I don’t think that will much of a problem! Lol…and haunted house films can really be good at times! 😊😊Not to mention very scary…😱😱

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