Diabolik Lovers: Episode 2 – Getting Wet




Okay, I’ve experienced super misogynistic, problematic stuff before, but when you toss sheer dumbassery into the mix… Goodness gracious… I feel like I need to be Parvati to keep up with all of the face-palming I’ve been instinctively needing to do! I mean… come on.

The first absurd thing that made me laugh was the fact that these boys all go to night school and somehow feel the need to force Yui to attend. If she’s going to be a blood banquet for angsty adolescent vampires does she really need to go to school? Especially if when she attends all she does is skip her classes to make tasty treats before becoming the tasty treat? Is campus the new, hip place to sexually molest your dinner now?

DL Eps. 02 c

Maybe getting an education will make you less gullible!

The way they all talk to her and treat her like an anthropomorphic lollipop is difficult to stomach. I want to reach into my giant monitor and punch these assholes. “Little Bitch” is not a term of endearment. It’s an oppressive, sexist, and offensive way to exert authority, more so if you’re packing inferiority complexes, which all of them seem to be. I bet its mother related. With men like these, it’s almost always mother related. If someone talked to me that way, I wouldn’t drop my head and look at the ground sadly. I would fucking hit them and then walk away.

Yui, babe, you need to sprout a spine ASAP. I think Hogwarts can help with that. Take a vacay and don’t come back. Ever.

The funniest part of this episode was Yui getting bit. Of course it’s the guy obsessed with being everyone’s first. Virgin complex much? While it is wholly uncomfortable and essentially akin to being sexually assaulted, what made it funny is that she didn’t bleed nearly as much you would think a person with an open artery would. And when she complains? As punishment, she gets tossed into the swimming pool. Yeah… that makes total logical sense… uh-hu. Is that the only way you can get a women wet, Ayato-kun?

DL Eps. 02 h

Oh, you’re drowning. Let me help you…

Oh and the kicker: lady can’t swim. I suppose that part makes the most sense. I mean, if she can swim that she’s not doing a very good job of being the distressed damsel now is she?


Asshat jumps in to save her and instead of actually saving her DECIDES TO HAVE HIS SECOND COURSE DINNER! Are you fucking kidding me? (this will be a common phrase in these segments, it seems). There you go, Ayato, drown your dinner. That will fix the problem.

DL Eps. 02 g

Just kidding! Let’s make out so I can eat you later instead.

I’m not even going to touch the callous animation where her wounds just disappear the moment she’s out of the water. With how convenient everything is, and my luck, that pool will turn out to be the Lazarus Pit or something.

Guys, this show is terrible. Don’t watch it. Run. Run fast. SAVE YOURSELVES….

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18 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: Episode 2 – Getting Wet

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  3. Lol..well I pretty much knew this was going to happen, seeing how much I read about this series quite a few times already. That said, these posts are becoming very funny to read now, and it will only get worse from what I know. Wonder if you can keep watching the show or quit at some point or other 😂😂 (and I would not be surprised if it’s the last thing😂)

    • The goal is make my frustration as entertaining as I can haha. I have to try and have some fun with it if possible. 😅😂

  4. This sounds like such a disaster, like why would any parents knowingly send their daughter to a school that has a bunch of horny teenage vampires in it? I mean maybe they didn’t know that part but still. This is just such a hot mess, bless your little soul for wading through this for our entertainment.

    • People are dumb? Maybe he was threatened or something. Either way, beat’s me. And I feel like if she really tried, she could escape. She’s just gotta actually put forth effort.

  5. I saw the first episode and was like, “No.” Then I saw this was he #1 requested otome game was was like, “NO!” Then other people told me all the things in the game and I was like, “SUPER NOOOO!!!”

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