Yūri!!! On Ice: Episodes 9 & 10 – The Grand Prix Prep

I can’t believe I only have two more episodes left to watch! I’m super excited to see how it’s going to end, but I’m also a bit saddened by it.

Episode nine did not give me the Yurio focus that I was craving, but it was still good. I loved his performance so much and his costume! The little blondo rocked it out and it was difficult to root for anyone aside from him, including Yūri. I also liked seeing someone other than the MC win this specific cup.

Yūri’s thoughts during his performance without Victor was nice, but it also didn’t feel new or fresh. It follows the same tune from the previous few. He’s caught up with trying to keep Victor close to him, and when Victor leaves, Yuri feels confused and has to deal with this challenge. While this is something I suspected would occur, the portrayal of it felt too muted. So, in that sense episode nine kind of fell slightly flat and lacklustre for me.


Episode ten was kind of an awesome break from all of the skating. For starters, it’s from Victor’s perspective rather than Yūri’s. Everyone arrives in Barcelona to prep for the Grand Prix Final, so we got little titbits of info on all six people who are participating. I finally got some small background and focus on Yurio, and I think it will be enough to satiate me for the rest of the series.


I think the best part of the episode was the overall candidness of it. We learn why Victor decided to pick up coaching and the difficulties that he faced as an artistic athlete, which was nice. Instead of him being this giant enigma, the segment allowed us to place some emotion to his character, which gave him the depth that he was most-decidedly lacking.

With two episodes to go, I have a feeling the finale is going to be quite intense! A part of me strongly believes that Yūri is going to win the Grand Prix because, well, the series is about him after all. However, a much larger part of me wants to see him lose, not to the extent of the previous Grand Prix, but maybe come in second or third place. I think the narrative power would be stronger if he didn’t win. But the only way to find out is to watch it!

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17 thoughts on “Yūri!!! On Ice: Episodes 9 & 10 – The Grand Prix Prep

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  3. Episode 10 was definitely the best across the whole thing. Now that I know what you want from the finale, I’m curious to see how you will react to it. Muahaha.

  4. I loved loved episode 10 just for the architecture alone! I had fun writing and pinpointing the famous places they all visited! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series! You’re almost to the end!!!

    • Right?! I’d love to visit Barcelona one day so I can physically see the beauty of the city. I bet it’s so breathtaking. One of my cousin’s lived in Spain for like 3 years and he said it was one of the best countries he’s visited so far.

      • I also have yet to visit spain, it’s definitely on my list of places to travel to next. My family is considering going on a european cruise next year, and I’m considering going. lol.

  5. I’m glad you are almost finished with the series. It’s so good. Now you can see what everyone else was raving about hahah

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